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Keyboards & Synthesizers players

A very aggressive curve.

Tria Live frequency response curve has peculiar characteristics you can normally find only in models with a higher number of drivers, and therefore, more expensive. We wanted our “first price” model to be definitely good. Feedbacks from our clients compare our Tria Live to 6 driver models from other brands… and to be honest even our curve seems comparable to plastic models costing at least twice our price!

The purpose behind Tria Live!

  • We wanted WAVAYA™ to be accessible for most of the musicians.
  • We wanted to give each client the best for the price paid.
  • We don’t want anyone to give up the quality of porcelain because of money.

We didn’t think about having less quality or less drivers in our basic model: we worked for almost a year to find an armature structure which was easily buildable and we purchased electronics and drivers in bulk quantity in order to be able to offer our Tria Live! at the cost of a plastic model but with the unparalleled quality and comfort of porcelain.

Our purpose is surprising the client
and we are succeeding so far.

Cheapest... but not qualitywise

Tria Live! Gives any live performer a good combination of power and fidelity in terms of sound response. Most musicians don’t ask for audiophile engineered in-ears for live performances but for a good clarity in middle-highs and sincere basses: never overwhelming during performances.

Incredible cables

The standard cable provided with Tria is an extremely qualitative, made in Usa, 2 gold plated pin cable with free upgrade to the Linum® G2 BaX™Linum® G2 Super BaX™ cable is available as option on this model. Linum™ cables come with a free upgrade in the socket with the adoption of the incredible T2™ system.

Porcelain feeling

Porcelain is definitely worth a try: you will be amazed by the extreme comfort of its smoothness conferred by the glaze, its total naturalness, it’s thermal adaptability and the absence of any allergene.
If you would never wear a plastic tooth, then you deserve porcelain in-ears!

A case of art

Our case is made of genuine calf leather, sapiently handcrafted by leather master craftsmen in Florence using a unique seamless technique. Our cases are naturally hygroscopic and will reduce the moisture that normally accumulates in your cIEMs without the use of chemicals. It’s composed of two nesting parts and comes with a cable holder and two magnets to attach it to your mic or music stand. Available in red or black color. See more

Triple Balanced Armature

Our cheapest model has 3 drivers and delivers a great sound without overwhelming the live performer.

Engineered crossovering

We use a custom 3 way crossovering/bandpassing to achieve the best sound with the lowest cost.

Surgical grade cable

The cable included with our Tria Live! is just great! 50" long, it has gold plated terminations and a great fidelity.

Smooth porcelain

You need to feel it to understand it! Those who try porcelain don't go back to plastic, never!

Custom design

You can choose between 18 finishings, logo, case color and personalisation... a unique experience!

Genuine leather case

A fashion art piece! Custom made for us from a master leather craftsmanship in Florence. Available in red and black.

Shell and lid material

Fine porcelain glazed with lead free, water based glazes suitable for food use.
May contain mica powders. Guaranteed hypoallergenic.

Number of bores


Passive insulation

Up to 26db (depending upon ear shape and design)


50" 2 Pin (gold plated) surgical grade cable or Linum® G2 BaX® as free upgrade.


2 pins (to the cIEM) and straight jack plug 2.5mm (1/8") to the sound source.
Upgrade to gold plated T2™ system available.

Sound generation

3 Balanced armature drivers engineered with custom crossovering, band passing and dampering.

Frequency response

5Hz to 20kHz

Input sensitivity

110 dB @ 1 kHz, 1mW


40Ω at 1kHz


2 years parts and labour (please refer to our legal information page for more details)

2 reviews for Tria Live!

  1. Irene Fornaciari

    I discovered WAVAYA in-ears thanks to a friend of mine, a professional singer, who recommended them knowing of my need for optimal listening during concerts.
    I have to say that they have been a fantastic discovery.
    They are giving me everything I need: quality, definition, presence, surrounding sound.
    The 3 way model, in fact, can separate frequencies and gives back a well defined voice while “highs” are not lost and the sound remains warm and surrounding.
    The hardest in-ears problem is that you often feel “insulated” and you cannot perceive what is called “the hit of sound” which you need in order to have the right energy to perform with the best expression.
    WAVAYA in-ears definitely give you the kind of serenity that any singer needs while performing… and for an anxious person like me, I assure you, they make the difference 😉
    My voice can fly free, I don’t need to concentrate too hard on it, and I can live and feel my own music while being carried away by my emotions.
    Porcelain in-ears are exceptional since they reduce ear sweating by adapting to your body temperature and they are hypoallergenic as well.
    There are a lot of finishings available and I have chosen an exquisite mother-pearl.
    Cheers to WAVAYA!

  2. Il Profeta (Gli Atroci) (verified owner)

    “Wow, these monitors have the right volume and the strong sound that I need for my shows!!”

    Il Profeta is an untypcal metal singer if compared to the high range voice heroes in the show biz. His italian band Gli atroci loves to break the metal rules delivering parodistic italian lyrics and unconventional style paired with heavy face make-up and flashy outfits. His personal choice goes to a Tria Live system with a purple finish making him highly satisfied about superb fit, freshness and clear frequencies definition.

    Il Profeta started the band Gli Atroci as a seminal duo in the late eighties together with guitarist La Bestia Assatanata. The two worked for a while as a studio project releasing a bunch of demos. It eventually turned to a seven-member band in the nineties with the release of the first album “Gli Atroci” produced by Marco Guarnerio and Marco Barusso (883, Le Vibrazioni, Alice, Paola Turci, Modà, Pooh, Lacuna Coil, Nek, Enrico Ruggeri and many other). The band quickly started to develop a national cult following touring Italy extensively. With the second album “L’Armata del Metallo” (produced by Marco Barusso) the band established itself as a regular live metal act. The single “Volevo un taglio semplice” became an anthem among the italian metal heads and remains a favourite number in live shows to date. Third album “Metallo o Morte” revealed an evolution for the band taking charge of production. The album contained their biggest hit ever “Pennellen” wich led them to a larger number of live shows and festivals. The highly-expected fourth album is due to be released at the end of 2019. Along the years the band had a few line-up changes but the sacred fire of Metal is still burning inside Il Profeta and Gli Atroci!!!

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