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Matt Williams

The 3 to 5 k frequency of human voice really sounds! Asserted Matt Williams after 4 months of use of his WAVAYA™ Tria Live! cIEMs.

Xristos Skondras

I always use them! Was the feedback of Xristos after a couple of months of use of his new WAVAYA™ Tria Live!.

Moses Moiseos

Moses first impressions of his new WAVAYA™ custom in-ears: Unbelievable, you did this in Cyprus! WOW!

Giannis Diskos

Wow! Perfect! Giannis said during the first test of his new WAVAYA™ custom in-ear monitors.

Pierdavide Carone

At the first performance with his new WAVAYA™ cIEMs Pierdavide had to say: they Rock! ( in Italian: “…vanno alla grande”)

Gli Atroci

It’s hard to go back from this product’s comfort and sound! Asserted “Il profeta” (The Prophet) of “Gli Atroci” metal band after 2 months of use of his WAVAYA™ Tria Live! cIEMs.

Roberto Tiranti

Roberto’s first impression about his new WAVAYA™ custom in-ears was: Perfect in-ears… incredible.

Cheryl Porter

You guys do  incredible things! They are so cool!  Said Cheryl when she unboxed her WAVAYA™ custom in-ears.

Ilaria Pregnolato

They keep very fresh! Was the first thing Ilaria said when she tried her new WAVAYA™ custom in-ears.

Paolo Vallesi

Paolo said about his new custom in-ears: Si sente da urlo… (Italian way to say “they have a stunning sound!”)