Privately owned startup

The WAVAYA™ brand has been developed with private capital with the only purpose to obtain a valuable product of wide acceptance.

Debt free company

Our company runs on it's own money with no loans, no overdrafts, no backlogs. All providers are paid at once and without any delay.

Eight staff members

Even if recently we recently started-up our companywe can count on eight full / part time employees and freelancers cooperating with us everyday.

Interracial & Interreligious

Our employees come from five different countries, talk seven languages and profess six different religions... and more to come!

By Musicians for Musicians

Our company was born from passion, not from greed: our purpose was, since the beginning, creating the "Ferrari" of in-ears.

A family company

No hierarchies, no command lines, just cooperation and will to give the best everyday. Gratitude and satisfaction pay our souls.

...we work in an entirely renovated '900 villa in the historic center of Nicosia, Cyprus

WAVAYA™ ingredient branding partner of Swarovski™

Swarovski is the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments since 1895. Available in a myriad of colors, effects, shapes and sizes, crystals from Swarovski offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration. Cytalia Corporate Center LTD meets the standards set by Swarovski for its Ingredient Branding Partners and has therefore been approved as an Ingredient Branding Partner. As provided in the Crystals from Swarovski Ingredient Brand Logo License Agreement, Ingredient Branding Partners are permitted to use the distinctive Swarovski seal depicted below on products, product packaging and in communication materials, for their products sold under the brand WAVAYA™ and embellished with 100% genuine Swarovski crystals.

meet our team...

Pasquale takes care of corporate sales, partnerships, legal matters, purchasing and affiliations.



Leo is the head of 3D design and manufacturing.


Director of production

Tarik coordinates and works in the laboratory manufacturing our in ears including the electronic assembly.


Head of laboratory and electronics

Marco is responsible for sound design and electronic engineering of our crossovering - band passing systems.


Electronic Engineer

George manages our social media and online / offline advertising.


Head of Marketing

Pino realizes our webpage, the newsletters, and takes care of our printed advertising and packaging.


Graphic Designer

Stefano is the maker of our internal routing software and takes care of the internal automation of the company.


Filemaker® Programmer

Valentina makes sure our accounting is up to date and has relationship with the final clients for order, payments and invoicing related issues.


Accounting and customer relations

want to be part of our team?

We are hiring: various open positions in Cyprus, Florida and internationally!